If you ever wondered when to use oils on your beard, well let us help you out. 

Hand crafted for your skin and hair to soothe and moisturize. Many men go without using care products for their beards the hair gets damaged. Keeping your skin moist under your beard will assist with the promotion of hair growth.

External Use only. Test on skin for allergies prior to use. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

1) When you get out of the shower and the hair is exfoliated and ready for conditioning. Simply Damp your beard dry and massage in the desired amount of oil. The massage will help the oil get in deep to your skin to keep it moist and healthy. Once you have massaged it to your liking grab that comb/brush and get to work. The oil will help with the tangles and lay the hair down.

2) Ever go out? Of course you do you have a freaking Beard! Slap some on brush it out and get going.

3) Are you going to be in the sun all day? Then coat your beard to help prevent it from getting dry. The sun will beat it down throughout the day so keep it oiled. The oil will help keep it from drying out. 

 Alright Fellas Get After It