No More Itchy Rough Beards

What we are about

Established in 2015, we as a team work hard to ensure our customers'  beards feel great, smell great and look great. As an upcoming company in the ranks of many we know that our blend will differ from the rest. Not only are we using the best but we test and test our products. This means that we have a dedicated team that is always willing to coat their beard with fresh new blends.

Before turning my hands on to beard oils I had ran into some pretty rough blends. It is sad to say that there are companies out there that just blend anything and push it out because it's in the now. We aim to fix that because women don't like rough beards. They want that beard they can grab on to and know its healthy for some good tugging.

Our beard oil is made from the best oils and scents that can be found to make sure that your beard stays fresh all the time. Each oil blend is unique in its own way, from scent, to how the oil feels upon applying. We have spent who knows of amount of time on samples to make sure that we have the correct blend for you. Now it is time for you to feel the benefits of using our product.

We as a team must WARN you.

Upon using these products you will begin to notice more attention drawn to you. We urge that you don't fight it and embrace the awesomeness that follows. Have fun out there my bearded brothers.

We are based out of the Great State of Texas and the women here know what they want and how they want it. We have had a many of female test subjects that tell us how a mans beard should feel and smell. Well gentlemen we have accomplished that for you and now want to share it with you. We ensure our blend is 100% Natural so that your beard and ours remain healthy.

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